I have engaged the services of Stuart Jones Physical Therapy for over ten years due to numerous surgeries and injuries. A chronic health condition necessitates the continued growth of that relationship. I have been extremely satisfied with their services. The staff have become more than my therapists. They are friends.


The receptionist greets everyone with a warm, welcoming smile. She is attentive and polite and always happy to assist with you any issue. Be they administrative like answering insurance questions or physical limitations, like assisting with the door.

The therapists are polite, friendly, very knowledgeable and caring. The focus is always on patient safety and patient needs. Their goal is to help patients recover their prior state of ability or reach their new optimum level. They strive for pain free therapy that is beneficial to each patient's particular needs.

I have referred many friends, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances to Stuart Jones Physical Therapy. If you want a clinic where everyone is involved, where the patient is treated with care and compassion, where the spotlight is on the needs of the patient, Stuart Jones Physical Therapy is the place that will assist you to get back to life.

David 0.
Enumclaw, WA